The 60th Ice Bowl race was conducted in ideal conditions - sunshine 44
degrees and a moderate southerly enhanced by a 12-14 knot sea breeze
for the beat home. The entire six boat Soling fleet sailed side by side
all the way up the river  - with Tom Price holding a half boat-length
lead - and arrived overlapped at the mid-Bay leeward mark! 
The boats  were still closely bunched as they rounded St Helena's Island
but Tom held port jibe til well to leeward, slowly moved ahead and then
burst out from the lee of the island into strong wind and an
insurmountable lead. Stu emerged second and gradually pulled away from
the others but was never a threat to Tom who finished a quarter mile
ahead to win his fourth/fifth? Ice Bowl, his first in Solings.

1. Tom Price
2. Stu Walker
3. Andy Dize
4. Bob Schofield
5. Joe Van Gieson
6. Howard Vickery